How Do You Get Pet Urine Out Of A Carpet

No matter how expert & trained your pet is, accidents always happen. They release urine when your guest comes over or they’re ill and have a spell of diarrhea on the carpets. Whatever the circumstances, every pet owner needs to know about some methods for cleaning up pet urine and stains from their expensive carpets at home. So, you can use some carpet cleaning solutions to remove the pet urine.

Pet Urine Out Of A Carpet
Pet Urine Out Of A Carpet

Here are some tips for getting Pet Urine Out of A carpet:-

  1. Clean dried pet urine with baking soda

For cleaning the dried pet urine you can use baking soda at home. Apply a thin coating of baking soda to the carpet stain. After that you can use a vacuum to extract the baking soda.

  1. Use a paper towel for urine stain

You can use paper towels for Pet Urine stain removal from the carpet and use newspaper to cover the towels. Now, you can Rinse the affected area with cool water and then blot it dry.

  1. Use a carpet cleaning solution 

For pet urine stain you can make a simple solution by diluting vinegar with water at your home. So, add baking soda to the vinegar solution to clean the urine & remove the bad smell. 

  1. Use hydrogen peroxide 

Try hydrogen peroxide and warm water if you want to eliminate the odor from the carpet. Spray this solution to the stained area with a spray bottle for carpet cleaning.

  1. Use a dry towel or wet vac.

For cleaning the wet pet urine you can use a clean & dry towel or wet vac. Therefore, repeat this process again & again to remove any nasty smells or stains.

  1. Use enzyme pet urine remover

Another best & effective pet urine remover is an enzyme cleaner. So these cleaners use natural ingredients for the removal of dirty & stubborn pet urine stains & odors. 

  1. Use dishwashing liquid 

You can use dishwashing liquid to get pet urine out of the carpet. For removal you need to perform this test: add dishwashing liquid into the water. Spray this solution to the pet urine area. Leave it for some time & rinse. So, it will give the best & effective results within no time.

  1. Use Vacuum cleaner

The use of baking soda, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, enzyme cleaner, and a paper towel will surely eradicate the pet urine stain and smell. After rehearsing the suggested method, you can use a vacuum cleaner to clean out the area deeply.

  1. Get the assistance of carpet cleaning Professionals 

It is the trickiest task to remove the pet’s urine on your own. Sometimes you are unable to see the exact spots where the smell is coming from, and periodically, the smell is embedded too deep within the fibers of your carpet that you can’t remove by yourself. So, you need the assistance of an expert cleaning company.


If you have the same issue with pet urine then hiring a carpet cleaning company in Darling Point is a smart way to proceed.